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Trust Kandis Kardashian of the YMornings crew to source only the hottest of all the good, bad or even ugly news you need to know about your fighters.

Here is your Tea: 

Allegations much!

Nadia Nakai is allegedly having a sordid affair with a married man from Zimbabwe … ALLEGEDLY !! Prophet Passion Java’s brother, Simba, spilled all the tea to the press. He claimed his brother and Nadia had been having a thing and that he had been financially cut off.

Simba said his brother bought Nadia a brand new luxury car but neglected to take care of him. He adds, his brother who is the leader of Passion Java Ministries and Kingdom Embassy should repent from his sinful ways or God will deal with him.


Shots fired… Tory Lanez ends up in cuffs

On Sunday morning, Tory Lanez was arrested and charged for the possession of a concealed weapon. He, Megan thee stallion and a ‘third party’ were in a car out at a party in the Hollywood Hills when an argument broke out and a gun was fired.

‘Karen-next-door’ heard the whole commotion and proceeded to alert the police. Tory Lanez was arrested while Megan was taken to the hospital due to a broken glass injury. The pair have been spotted hanging with Kylie Jenner recently… Could she be the ‘third party’?



The gag is… Ntsiki Mzwai is back with a bang as she retweeted the list of alleged rapists. She quickly received threatening letters from multiple lawyers. Although, the ANC Women’s League is in her corner and have released a statement saying she shouldn’t be silenced or bullied into backing down. These alleged rapists need to be held accountable!



Bryshere Gray, better known as Hakeem on Empire has been arrested on a Domestic Violence charge. According to Bryshere’s wife, he beat her for hours and even strangled her. She managed to escape and look for help at a local gas station where she was able to call the police.

Whilst his wife was rushed to the hospital, a SWAT team assembled outside Bryshere’s residence and he was finally arrested!

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