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#NathiMustGO | Artists call for Minister’s resignation

On the 15 January, Minister of Sport, Arts & Culture, Nathi Mthethwa tweeted “South African theatre is alive and well with performing arts institutions of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture such as @ArtscapeTheatre, @MarketTheatre, @PACOFS3, @DurbanPlayhouse, @statetheatre and @WindybrowTheatr (sic) offering an array of indigenous drama and dance etc.” Yet artists in the industry beg to differ as they call for his removal and started the #NathiMustGO online […]

todayJanuary 27, 2021 167


Christmas in the African sun!

COVID-19 had many countries closing their borders in the wake of the virus. These containment and prevention measures have come a long way as African nations are now welcoming foreign travellers... With restrictions obvs! YTravels on #YMornings with DJ Ankletap and Kandis Kardashian looked into a few African destinations you could check out this festive… Egypt The land of Gold, other than Jozi, reopened its borders for international travel in […]

todayNovember 17, 2020 30


Carole Baskin swears WAP video tigers were pimped | The Tea

Your faves should never be caught slipping because #YMornings' tea connoisseur Kandis Kardashian never sleeps. Tea is served. SBWL couple died out? Oneida Cooper and Speedsta call it quits… AGAIN. Just over a month ago, in an interview, Speedsta spoke of how the pair have been on and off but finally found the ‘sweet spot’ of their relationship. We SBWL’d umjolo wabo when they post each other on the socials, […]

todayAugust 17, 2020 84 3


Wives with Knives: Norma Gigaba Edition | The Tea

Kandis Kardashian of YMornings comes in guns blazing on a daily as she gives you the what's what in the lives of your faves. Your dose of tea...  Wives with Knives: Gigaba edition Norma Gigaba was arrested on Friday by the Hawks following her alleged involvement in a conspiracy to have Malusi killed! Not forgetting that just last week Norma had allegedly vandalised a G-Wagon lent to Malusi by one […]

todayAugust 3, 2020 28 2


Shots fired… Tory Lanez ends up in cuffs | The Tea

Trust Kandis Kardashian of the YMornings crew to source only the hottest of all the good, bad or even ugly news you need to know about your fighters. Here is your Tea:  Allegations much! Nadia Nakai is allegedly having a sordid affair with a married man from Zimbabwe ... ALLEGEDLY !! Prophet Passion Java’s brother, Simba, spilled all the tea to the press. He claimed his brother and Nadia had […]

todayJuly 15, 2020 26


DJ Zinhle finds LOVE and Cassper has a bun in the oven | The Tea

Kandis Kardashian is back and is only spicier. She takes a jab at her 'sisters,' and calls out a few of you tweeps: Xenophobia takes a short right Besides drinking, what else are we South Africans really great at? Yip! Xenophobia. Roughly a week ago, Pearl T caught smoke for her anti-xenophobia comments. Rouge later jumped onto twitter to echo Pearl's sentiments. Tweeps, unimpressed, stated her to stay in her […]

todayJune 26, 2020 40


Debunking addiction myths and sharing recovery methods | #RTT on YMornings

With adulthood stresses constantly looming, a percentage of young individuals get into the habit of using alcohol and/or substances as an outlet and this sometimes leads to addiction. #YMornings' Dj Ankletap tackled the topic of addiction and debunked the myths around it alongside Mbali Ndhlovu and Alexa Daniela - who shared their journeys as recovering addicts on the #RTT (Round Table Talk). "By the time I had committed, I knew […]

todayFebruary 5, 2020 3


How the public and private sector combat unemployment hand-in-hand

South Africa is 25 years into its democracy, yet the youth graduate unemployment rate, under the age of 24, sits at a staggering 31%. The South African Council for Graduates Cooperative (SACGC) database has about 30 000 unemployed graduates from various institutions of higher education. On YFM's #YMornings Round Table Talks (#RTT) with DJ Ankletap, a discussion on the public and private sector working hand-in-hand to pull the youth out of […]

todayDecember 10, 2019 33


#YMornings speaks to an expert and user of legalised cannabis solutions

The worldwide phenomenon of legalising Cannabis is something many still have to wrap their heads around. According to esquire.com, in the United States, just over 11 states have legalised the medical use of cannabis. It would seem that the rest of the world is slowly following suit. Recently, South Africa legalised the use of the plant in one's personal space. Yet, selling the plant or products made from it is still […]

todayNovember 20, 2019 25