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Kandis Kardashian is back and is only spicier. She takes a jab at her ‘sisters,’ and calls out a few of you tweeps:

Xenophobia takes a short right

Besides drinking, what else are we South Africans really great at? Yip! Xenophobia.

Roughly a week ago, Pearl T caught smoke for her anti-xenophobia comments. Rouge later jumped onto twitter to echo Pearl’s sentiments. Tweeps, unimpressed, stated her to stay in her ‘rap lane.’

Due to her Congolese heritage, A special tweep advised Rouge to head back home… Tricky seeing as Rouge was born in Southy…

Justin Bieber is also catching smoke and maybe a charge or 2.

#JustinBieberisCanceled trended following sexual assault claims against him by two women. Both women allegedly said that he invited them to his hotel room after a meet and greet and later forced himself on to them. People on socials quickly chose sides with many trying to disprove the women’s claims.

Bieber’s camp denies all allegations and said these couldn’t be true seeing as he was not staying at one of the hotels mentioned.

Our dancing queen caught stray smoke

Over the weekend, 3rd party followers called out Bontle Modiselle saying she has been serving Southy with the same dance moves over the years, meaning she can’t dance.

Let the games begin!

Tamar Braxton and K Michelle are at war and no one is holding back.

K allegedly accused T of sleeping with Jermaine Dupree’s father for industry clout. It didn’t end there as she threw one last blow via twitter voice note as she took shots at Tamars nigerian boo thang

A word from Mama K as we await Tamar’s clap back.

There is a bun in the oven!

Your fav Cassper Nyovest is expecting his very own bundle of joy. Early in the week, Nyovest took to the socials to announce his upcoming album – Any Minute Now – covered by his son’s sonar scan. Thus doubling up as a young ‘we are pregnant’ post.

The baby mama on the other hand… She has been in his comments section since the beginning of time.

Congratulation Mama Thobeka Majozi and Cassper.

Pablo Escobar sues from the grave.

2 Chainz and a few associates recently opened doors to ‘Escobar Resturant and Tapas.’ Apparently the restaurant displays a few of Pablo mugshot and named a dish after him- ESCOBAR CRAB CAKES.

This leaving Pablo Escobar enraged and suing, well his estate/family is. The Escobars are suing for a whopping $ 10 million and stating that he share part of his restaurant earnings.

Are the Kardashians having money problems?

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are catching major backlash after it was alleged that they haven’t paid their Bangladeshi clothing manufactures. Back in 2015 the part launch the clothing label Kendall and Kylie but apparently due to COVID 19 apparently they had to cancel a major order which had already been in production. The workers report that the Kardashian sisters just left them high and dry. WARNING: The allegations are unsubstantiated.

DJ Zinhle is booed up

After weeks of speculation, DJ Zinhle is cuffed and apparently dating Black Motion’s Dj Murdah Bongz. Social media investigators managed to pick up on minor details in a few of the pair’s Instagram posts.

If it wasn’t the reflections in sunglasses or shared clothing items then it could have been from DJ Zinhle referring to someone with the initials MB as ‘baby’ in one of her Instagram captions.

According to sources, the couple is experiencing a few ‘issues’ seeing as AKAs mother is currently locked down with Zinhle whilst Bongz is has a housemate. But, well wishes to the love birds.

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