Debunking addiction myths and sharing recovery methods | #RTT on YMornings

todayFebruary 5, 2020

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With adulthood stresses constantly looming, a percentage of young individuals get into the habit of using alcohol and/or substances as an outlet and this sometimes leads to addiction.

#YMornings’ Dj Ankletap tackled the topic of addiction and debunked the myths around it alongside Mbali Ndhlovu and Alexa Daniela – who shared their journeys as recovering addicts on the #RTT (Round Table Talk).

“By the time I had committed, I knew my reasons.”

– Ndhlovu explains how she remains focussed on her road to recovery.

Addiction, just like anxiety, is defined as a brain disorder/ disease that manifests itself by compulsive substance abuse despite harmful consequences.

“Your moral compass is off.”

– Alexa Daniela explains how addicts would go to all lengths to feed the addiction.

Ankletap shared that when dealing with an addict, the following 3 Cs should be remembered – I didn’t Cause It, I can’t Cure it and I can’t Control It.

Tweeps also shared their personal experiences:

Listen here for more on how #YMornings aided mchanas like the above:


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