Is Cancel Culture a real thing? | #YMornings

todayNovember 6, 2019 4

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When people get cancelled by social media users, what does it really mean?

Personalities and artists such as R Kelly, Mampintsha, Chris Brown and Sjava who have been reported to be perpetrators of GBV, have since been “cancelled” by some social media users. Yet, in an on-air conversation between #YMornings and its listeners, it became evident that the same artists are still widely supported, even by some who may, at some point, have claimed to cancel them.

Cancel culture is just for the socials

Cancel culture, also known as call-out culture, may be defined as a social media courtroom that often leads to the mass declination of an individual (usually being celebrities).

When the #YMornings team began a discussion around the authenticity of cancel culture and those practising it, a question of impact and authenticity arose.

Do people genuinely stop listening to and supporting these artists or do they do it for clout?

Listen to the convo here:

The conversation continued onto the socials and some Tweeps had this to say:


#CancelCulture may attempt to represent a social media justice system but is the impact enough ever? Is justice truly served?

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