DA’s move to approach the US over polls described as strange

todayMarch 11, 2024 77

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Political Analyst, Professor Sam Koma, says it’s strange that the Democratic Alliance (DA) would seek assistance from a state, which borders on undermining the sovereignty of South Africa.

In a move that aggrieved many, the official opposition penned a letter to the United States government, among others, requesting that they come and oversee the country’s upcoming elections.

The blue party asserts that 2024 is the most crucial year for South Africa as the ANC may dip below 50% in the upcoming polls for the first time since in a democratic SA.

In the letter to US Secretary General, Anthony Blinken, the DA says the fluid nature of the current political climate poses a risk to the democratic process.

“The recent establishment of the MK Party, led by former President Jacob Zuma is set to gain significant support in the province of KZN, which may have concomitant implications at a national level. We are of the view that MK poses a substantive risk to the continued peaceful nature of our political discourse as a nation,” says the official opposition.

Koma says while the DA’s move may have raised eyebrows, it is common for opposition parties around the world to seek international observers during elections.

He says countries usually approach bodies such as the African Union (AU) observers to oversee the conducting of elections, with a purpose to ensure that the process is free and fair.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has slammed the DA’s move as disingenuous.

He is accusing the DA of trying to mortgage the country to other powers in the world.

“We have our regional organisations, we have SADC, the AU and indeed we have the United Nations as well, they always come to monitor our elections and in fact we invite them.

“We say do come and monitor, but now for a non-state entity to do something like that is basically saying, we are mortgaging our democracy.”

AZAPO believes the DA is still hoping for the return of apartheid and the recolonisation of the country.

The party says the neoliberal attitude that the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, Steve Biko, warned the country about is coming to pass.

“South Africa does not require any big brother to teach us about democracy when they (USA) are supporting Israel’s genocide in Palestine.”

AZAPO’s spokesperson, Jabu Rakwena, says “the neo-colonialists and their master” will not be allowed to come and impose their ideas and act with impunity.

“Our right to self- determination is sacrosanct and not for sale.”

South Africans will head to the country’s 7th general elections, post democracy, on May 29.

Written by: Lindiwe Mpanza

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