Cybersecurity Awareness Month | What you need to know

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As the world observes Cybersecurity Awareness Month, author Shaun Fuchs has reiterated the importance of teaching young people how to protect themselves while navigating the online space.

According to experts, cybercrime is currently one of the most prevalent forms of crime that is used globally, and criminals have found ways to deceive and to trap their victims online for benefits such as money.

Speaking to YNews, Fuchs, who is the founder and CEO of Centennial Schools, said about 70% of South Africans regularly frequent the digital space where the opportunities for students are many.

However, he says it can also be a dangerous place for the young people in the absence of essential education on how to be safe online.

Fuchs says in a world where people are increasingly living in the digital space, it is imperative to teach young people how to safely and responsibly manage their digital lives.


Fuchs also pointed out the important role that schools can play in teaching learners and students online safety.

“Schools can invest in a digitally-led education, with the central focus being cyber security by developing a comprehensive curriculum, providing teacher training and offering dedicated cyber security courses.”



Below are some safety tips he shared:

1. Use strong unique passwords.

2. Exercise caution when clicking on links or downloading files.

3. Keep personal information private.

4. Be careful about the information that you share with people and online.

5. Always do your own research.


Written by: Nonhlanhla Harris

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