Movie Review | Equalizer 3 – a gory but thrilling tale

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Denzel Washington returned to our big screens, to play a trained assassin that falls in love with a small Italian town.

The movie starts with an Italian drug lord and his child pulling up in a jeep to a secluded villa. As he drives in, he sees bloodied, dismembered bodies of a goon army.

The man exits the Jeep with a pistol, leaving the child in the vehicle. He is met by one of his henchmen at the door, who tells him of a mysterious man in the house.

They enter the home, where they discover more bodies whose causes of death— riddled with bullets, their faces cleaved by a butcher’s knife – grow increasingly gruesome.

As the drug lord walks into a room in the basement, we see mysterious hitman turned ghost Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) sitting between two gunmen. He, dispatches them all with ease, grabbing a set of keys from the dead drug lord’s body that hold what McCall came to retrieve.

Next scene we see McCall shot in the back by the little boy and ends up passed out in his car from losing blood. He is found by local cop, Gio (Eugenio Mastrandrea) and taken to a local doctor Enzo (Remo Girone) in Altamonte, a small town on the coast of Sicily.

He took a while to heal, but he soon gets back on his feet and McCall learns to love the people and the peace they provide him.

However, the peace in this small town is threatened by a local gang with young gang leader, Marco (Andrea Dodero), looming over them.

McCall, who says he’s merely passing through, would rather avoid intervening, but the love he has for the people, have him defending them while also teaching them how to stand up to their oppressors.

He definitely doesn’t tolerate bullies and once he sees any sign of oppression – it’s like a switch happens in his brain. McCall delves into his unique skill set and seemingly weapon stash to deal with the infamous Camorra (which is depicted as working in collaboration with illicit Captagon exporters in order to profit off of the booming drug trade).

He provides information to CIA agent Collins (Dakota Fanning) who is on hand to tie up the loose ends, accompanied by her colleague Frank Conroy (David Denman). They eventually discover that it’s used to traffic drugs – the proceeds of which fund terror plots.

McCall ends up being the saviour of the town by getting rid of the Camarro members.

The Equalizer 3 acknowledges that McCall has aged (and Washington, obviously), but it still for me, made a thrilling and interesting movie.


7,1/10  IMDb
94%    Rotten Tomatoes
2/5      Common Sense Media




Written by: Nonhlanhla Harris

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