I stood my ground to show young people that even presidents can be prosecuted: Mkhwebane

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Outgoing Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, says her formidable time in office will send a message to history and generations to come.
While the embattled public protector’s legacy may be painted with brushes of backlash and controversy, she says she’s done her part.
Speaking to YNews, Mkhwebane says she spent most of her time in office protecting the poor.
“As the public protector I’ve changed more than 70 000 poor and marginalised individuals who came to the public protector to request that they be protected from the abuse of power by public servants, state missionaries, those who are corrupt.”
“I was just standing my ground to show young people that even the heads of state can be prosecuted.”
President Cyril Ramaphosa suspended Mkhwebane in June, shortly after she initiated an investigation into the President’s Phala Phala farm saga.
At the heart of Mkhwebane’s latest political turmoil, is her fight to finish the few days left of her tenure in office.
She took to social media on Monday announcing that she would be returning to the office as per the Presidential Minute issued in June, which she said, allowed her to resume her duties since the Section 194 Committee that has been probing her fitness for office has finalised its work.
However, the President has labelled Mkhwebane’s intentions as misconceived, saying the committee’s process is still subject to a National Assembly vote, which will be heard on Monday.

Gcaleka is the President’s protector: Mkhwebane

The advocate says it’s unfortunate that she had to pay personal costs for doing her work.
“I’m facing a criminal case of perjury for doing my work, and now Parliament is going to remove me for just doing my work because I’ve investigated all these people abo Mbalula (ANC SG), abo President, abo Gordhan (Public Enterprises Minister).
“In the investigations I was not saying they are guilty, but there are findings against them. Go back and correct your actions; lead with integrity and be ethical in your leadership.”
She says she already knows the pre-determined outcome on Monday’s Parliament vote.
“They will vote to remove me and the ANC for the first time in the history of this country, they will push for the DA’s motion and vote me out.”
She has also revealed that she will be taking the report that’s found her guilty of misconduct on review.

“History has no blank pages, that’s my work , that’s my legacy and I’ve done my part,” concludes Mkhwebane.


The Public Protector’s term ends at the end of next month.


The African Transformation Movement (ATM) is pushing for a secret ballot in the vote against her.

Written by: Lindiwe Mpanza

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