How NOT to cut you hair | Lockdown haircut by #TheShakedown

todayMay 13, 2020 14

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Lockdown has set all our looks back to factory default. As many may start to run out of things to do, couples decided to take ‘trust’ to a whole new level as they took matters into their own hands to do each other’s hair.

We all know how seriously guys take their fresh hair cuts. It is almost mandatory for a guy to look tlean and complete. But with barbershops closed the quarantine desperation is real and they have had to put faith in their partner’s or quarantine buddy’s skills.

There may be a bald spot or two and it could take some time to repair all the damage but it is definitely worth all the laughs. Its winter after all so there is no need to worry, his head will be covered most of the time. Check out these daredevils:


Vs. reality…

The turnout is hilarious… Enjoy!

Even after much convincing, the haircut was a complete fail.

Plot twist… Ladies would you trust bae with your hair?

Would you trust bae with your crown?

The awesome twosome took on the challenge and had Nia Brown cut Mthaux’s hair on-air.



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