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How NOT to cut you hair | Lockdown haircut by #TheShakedown

Lockdown has set all our looks back to factory default. As many may start to run out of things to do, couples decided to take 'trust' to a whole new level as they took matters into their own hands to do each other's hair. We all know how seriously guys take their fresh hair cuts. It is almost mandatory for a guy to look tlean and complete. But with barbershops […]

todayMay 13, 2020 18


It’s all things lockdown cooking with Lorna Maseko | #GottaAskYFM

It's easy to fall into the 'processed food' or 'take-away food trap,' but the impact of such choices are dire. Home-cooked meals shouldn’t be a chore and #GottaAskYFM with the help of celebrity chef Lorna Maseko are here to show you why. Part of staying safe at home is healthy eating. This doesn’t mean put the whole family on a diet but the following foods can help you keep your […]

todayApril 24, 2020 88


10 easy-to-make lockdown sweet delights | Quarantreats

Lockdown has people learning new skills online, around the house and outside by the garden. All this though, is better done with sweet treats in hand or close by. Takeaways are on lockdown and people get to save a little cash and learn something new in the kitchen. Here are some of our favourite Foodies of SA delights to make during the lockdown. The foodie platform has you sorted with all […]

todayApril 16, 2020 31