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The realisation of lockdown may have concerned many relationships but there is an upside. Whether locked down together or in quarantine separation, this is the time to connect emotionally and strengthen your relationship. #GottaAskYFM partnered with Love birds Mpho Popps and Rose to drop the 411 on Lockdown Relationships 101…


Things may get dry during quarantine so here are a few tips to keep the sparks flying…

Love Languages

The communication issues may be inflated now more than ever due to prolonged working hours for those working from home.

Understanding how love is received and experienced by your partner could go a long way. These could help you grow closer and identify the root of conflicts

Click here to take the test.

Learn something new together

Quarantining with bae obviously means you are spending prolonged hours with each other. Learning something new together or teaching each other a thing or two could be a fun way to keep the sparks flying.

Flex those culinary skills and try these Easy-to-make sweet delights together.

Long distance quarantine? Video calls from the kitchen should do the trick.

Virtual dates

Dates are vital and even though the classic date may be out the window, this is your chance to ‘lawk cute’ for bae.

A ‘bevvies’ session via Zoom call is always a great way to still see each other during lockdown.

Movies date? No problem. With Netflix Party you can share this moment as it allows you to sync screens. With the added bonus of sharing comments without pausing.

Games night is a breeze with ‘Words with Friends 2.’ This gaming app is similar to scrabble and allows for 2 or more people, so double dates shouldn’t be a problem. It is available on Andriod, iOS and Windows phone

With that being said, we took to the social mead streets to find out how quarantine is treating your relationship and what tips our funny couple Mpho Popps and Rose could give to get you well on your way to being ‘Relationship goals.’

Hearts spoke and asked the following:

  1. Do you know your partners love language and has it been beneficial?
  2. What do you do when you need a break from your partner?
  3. How to move on and work on healing heartbreak during quarantine?

Here is what they had to say about these and more…

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