Quarantine and Chill? | How to keep busy whilst on lockdown

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Concerts and events are postponed, school and uni are out, sporting events are canceled, and people are working from home; but that does not mean your life needs to stop too!

President Cyril Rampahosa advised that the nation exercise social distancing during his Coronavirus national address. The address also listed avoiding public areas such as malls, gatherings of over 100 people, schools and universities to name a few.

So you already know what time it is, it’s self-quarantine time!

Although staying home sounds absolutely blissful, and is the best way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, it could lead to a lesser evil: boredom, cabin fever, and borderline insanity.

So, what can one do whilst in quarantine mode?

Here are 10 suggestions to help make your time quarantined as interesting – and perhaps even as productive – as possible.

1. Read a book

There’s no better way to keep the brain going than getting hooked on a good book! Check out mobile apps such Wattpad to access free digital books, in a library full of almost every genre possible; and hey, maybe you could write your own book as the app offers an author mode too!

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Another book we think you should get your hands on (if you haven’t already) is the glossy “K53” book.

Yup, get that learner’s license girl/boy! Now is the perfect time to finally study for your learner’s that you’ve been procrastinating on for the longest time, leave this “quarantine mode” extra knowledgeable about the road and when the coast is clear, you’ll be good to write!

2. Listen to YFM, we’re honestly your only radio companion in this time

We’ve got an incredible line up of entertainment, the dopest tunes, and updates on all things Miss Coco V throughout the day – we’re also your one stop shop for entertainment and remaining in the know. Stream us on the YFM App or on your radio.

Not forgetting our social media, where we’ll be publishing the freshest updates and content to keep you hooked to your TL.

3. Take a free online short course

Imagine being the holder of a Harvard qualification without even leaving your room? At absolutely no cost? Sensational. The Ivy League has a list of free short courses that you can take online and achieve a new qualification or two. They offer short courses that include; Computer Sciences, Data Science, Humanities, Business, Science, Art & Design, Engineering, Education and Teaching. Google also has a list of certifications that you could obtain for free, including Google Ad Words, Digital Marketing,  and Google SEO Marketing to name a few.

4. Work on your CV and improve LinkedIn

On that note, now’s the time to get that CV and LinkedIN profile looking real attractive. Try CV template apps and websites such as Canva to compile your CV, and have it stand out from the rest with the most creative designs.

5. Yoga/indoor exercises/meditate

It’s really important to stay fit and healthy during this time to build a healthy immune system, and staying at home can easily influence you to become a couch potato because the couch is.. right there.

Grab a yoga mat or towel and introduce yoga mat and slot some indoor exercises into your daily routine.

Not sure how to get started? Allow fitness influencer Zee Fitness usher you into the action.

Lastly, squeeze in a little whoo-sa time and meditate. Good energies in, bad energies out.


6. Learn a South African language

Learn how to pronounce Tshepo as “Tshepo” and not “Chepu”, and be able to distinguish the difference between “iqanda” and “icanda.” In essence, this might be the time to learn a new South African language. An individual who speaks more than one language is mad impressive, so why not be that guy/girl?

You can check out a few apps such as “Zivo” that is loads of fun, teaching you languages such as Tswana, Venda, Afrikaans, Zulu and Ndebele.

7. Check out your closet and discover new looks

It’s not particularly safe in these streets to be shopping for new looks, but with a little Pinterest and your wardrobe, you can put together a new lookbook. The same old white tee that all four of your crushes have seen you in? Now’s the time to learn how to style it in 3 different ways! If you’re ambitious, you can also put some scissors in the cut. Get it? Nvm.

8. REST, take a nap

Work and school can get real tough and take a lot of time out of your sleep schedule; so catch up on it!

Yes, it’s self-quarantine but it’s also time to catch up on that beauty sleep! (LOL, that kinda rhymes)

9. Call and check up on friends and family

See what you’re going through? They most probably are too. Send a virtual hug and some love to friends, family, and maybe even that one crush you’ve been meaning to shoot your shot at.

Need a little inspo on what to text him/her, maybe something along the lines of “These streets is so empty because of Coronavirus, reminded me of how empty my life is without you.” Yes? No? Okay, we’ll sit this one out.

10. DIY gardening

Lastly, get those green fingers busy. There must be a reason why your grandmother is always gardening right? Absolutely, because not only does gardening bring in that extra CO2 into the world with all the plants growing, but it also can be very relaxing and peaceful.

Let us know which ones you try.

If any one of these ideas work out for you, pass them on to a friend! 🙂

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