Coconut Kelz’s guide to surviving this sh*thole | Book Review

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She’s a white girl trapped in a black body – a typical ‘coconut’ living in the ‘burbs that adores all things white.

By Nkosazana Dambuza

When you first encounter Coconut Kelz, you might find yourself getting riled up by her seemingly racist and privileged comments on the state of this country – but that’s if you don’t know that Coconut Kelz is in fact, a satirical character (played by Lesego Tlhabi). 

In this book, Tlhabi’s comical outlook on some serious issues faced in post-apartheid South Africa will leave you smiling idiotically to yourself simply because you can relate!

I mean, We’re all scared of the sgebenga’s right?

Lesego Tlabi touches on issues of race, inequality, privilege and even loadshedding, in a way that is humorous but still highlights the long way in which the country has to go in attaining true democracy. 

On the surface, the book doesn’t seem that deep  but don’t be fooled folks, as funny as she may be, the character of Coconut Kelz is a sheer reminder that the daily struggle of being black is far from over. 


Here’s a snippet from the book:

Hosting 101

Being the unofficial DA mascot is not always easy. For one thing, I am constantly hosting dinners and events in an effort to get more people to vote for the party.

You see, I am part of the party planning committee. Again, this is on an unofficial basis, but I do enjoy getting fellow enthusiasts together to talk about the future of this country and how we can make it look like the past again.

This chapter will help you elevate your social status from white to white supreme by teaching you how to host the perfect Caucasian shindig. I would have said “party”, but that is how black people let things get out of control. People must know they are attending a shindig, or soirée, so that they know to enter with trepidation in full understanding that it will start and finish on time.

This read is certainly what South Africans need in these rather tough times to keep us woke (and giggling).

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