Is my partner’s sexual pleasure my responsibility? | #KrunchWithKhutso

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It’s easy to assume that your partner’s sexual pleasure is your responsibility, but sexologists recommend that “each to their own” is the approach that should be taken towards sexual intimacy.

Sexologists advise that a happy and healthy intimate relationship requires both parties to be committed to practising relational self-awareness. This allows you to understand what’s happening inside and around you, thus promoting better communication is all aspects of the relationship. 

“We need to focus on slowing things down to explore each other’s bodies”

– Catriona Boffard opened the #TlofTlofTalks discussion on #KrunchWithKhutso

How can you make sex all about you without being selfish?

Tweeps asked Boffard this question and more, and even opened up on issues usually considered taboo to discuss:

“Prioritizing sex is important. It is one of the fundamental parts of an adult romantic relationship.”

-Boffard weighing in on whether or not scheduling sex is important.


Khutso Theledi unpacked these dilemmas and more with sexologist Catriona Boffard.

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