#BodyGoals: What are Blood Group diets?

todayFebruary 18, 2020 43

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We are all concerned about our health and take certain measures such as taking vitamins, going on diets and exercising. Diets are one of the most common fitness measures, but do we take on the correct diets for our bodies?

Not just body types, but all the way down to specifying your diet down to your blood group or blood type.

For help on this matter #TheBestDrive duo Dj Sabby and Tshepi decided to speak to Ntsako Mathye a dietician from Mathye Nutrition.

A Blood Group Diet is not specifically aimed at weight gain or weight loss and we have to remember that at the end of the day, healthy food is still healthy food. Certain blood types are more volatile to certain diseases like high blood pressure. These are the things we have to look out for when looking to get into a diet. Ntsako Mathye mentions that people report this diet as being successful because,

“People are eating healthier, consuming more fruits and vegetables and less processed sugars.”

It is also important to note that certain blood types are not the reason for some people having better metabolisms than others. Ntsako stated that there’s no actual scientific study to prove that this diet will help with weight gain/loss, but that it is important to know for health reasons.

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