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#BodyGoals: What are Blood Group diets?

We are all concerned about our health and take certain measures such as taking vitamins, going on diets and exercising. Diets are one of the most common fitness measures, but do we take on the correct diets for our bodies? Not just body types, but all the way down to specifying your diet down to your blood group or blood type. For help on this matter #TheBestDrive duo Dj Sabby […]

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5 home exercises you can do without equipment | Ft. Zee Fitness Junkie

Only a few months stand between you and that summer body you have long been waiting for. Yet you never really know what to do because all the equipment at the gym seems to be speaking to you in Chinese. Fitness does not have to be rocket science. Bodyweight exercises can be a great way to burn fat, gain strength, build muscle, boosting cardiovascular fitness and you get to save […]

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