#MyTrueStory: Megan Chauke is blind but navigates life with a powerful vision

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In South Africa, 0.75% of people are visually impaired whilst an estimated 170 000 people are affected by cataracts. Some of these cases sre preventable with proper health care services and schemes as discovered by NCBI.

Such is the case with #Krunch guest, Megan Chauke, who went blind in her early twenties, and speaking to Khutso Theledi, mentions that it could have been prevented.

Chauke was diagnosed as clinically blind at the age of 23. Chauke explains that her ‘sight’ is like looking through a blanket of fog, which is medically referred to as Intracranial Hypertension.

Intracranial Hypertension is a build-up of fluids causing pressure in the brain. This condition affects about 27% of people in the African Region and 18% of the worldwide community.

Soon after her diagnosis, she and her now-husband had to face the reality of raising their son without her being able to watch him grown.

As the founder of DWLDignity, Chauke advocates for disabled beings. One can only look to her in awe of how she took life by the horns with a smile.

“People get to grow around me but they never age.”

– Chauke reminds Krunchers not to take their ability to see for granted.

Chauke, with the help of her sister and cousin, shared her story on Khutso Theledi.

She unpacked how her life has transformed since and how she defies her odds despite her challenges.

Listen here for more on Megan Chauke’s spine chilling story:



‘The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision,’ Chauke shares.

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