Doc: If you finish at 5 o’clock, knock off. Work can wait, your health can’t

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Juggling our work, study and social lives has become a norm for many, but remains a serious challenge to some. Overexertion and abusing one’s “free time” has led many to the inevitable ‘burnout.’

Speaking to Student Wellness Counselor, Natalie Radson, #KrunchWithKhutso found out that young adults often burn-out at the end of the year. She mentions that what contributes greatly to the collective fatigue is that people end up finding something to fill even their “free” time.

“When you finish at 5 o’clock, knock off. The work can wait until tomorrow morning.”

– Natalie Rabson encourages people to take this advice seriously, as this could be the difference between manageable tiredness and a situation leading to hospitalisation.

A recent Gallup study found that 23% of employees reported feeling “burnt out” at work more often than not. Understanding that this has become a global crisis that grows exponentially around the festive season,┬áthe World Health Organisation (WHO) has officially recognized Burnout as an occupational phenomenon and was included in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

Some of our listeners are members of the burnout club:

And some are not phased…

On closing the conversation with radio host, Anathi Seyisi, Natalie Radson also spoke about being careful with the people you hang with.

“You are the sum of the people that you connect with.”

Listen here for the full #KrunchWithKhutso conversation and find out how to combat the burnout:


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