Changing lanes without indicating can lead to fatal accidents

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Have you ever experienced, while driving, someone changing lanes without indicating?

When driving, especially on freeways, motorists change lanes for many reasons, including to overtake another vehicle; to avoid a parked vehicle or obstruction or when the vehicle ahead slows to turn at an intersection.

However, some motorists do this without putting on their indicator (signal) to show their intention to change lanes, which sometimes leads to accidents.

Speaking to YNews, Xoli Fihla, from the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, urged drivers to be responsible on the road.


Fihla is also appealing to motorists to always remember that they are not the only ones on the road and that their behaviour can also lead to road rage, among others.

According to the JMPD, over 14 000 people are killed on the road per year, mostly due to reckless driving.



The AA’s Eleanor Mavimbela agrees with Fihla and is urging motorists to stick to the basics while driving.


According to Statistics SA, several factors contribute to South Africa’s high rate of traffic accidents, which includes human error, inadequate infrastructure, vehicle defects, and environmental conditions.

The data agency says human factors, such as speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving (often due to people using their phones), and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are among the primary causes.

Last month, 13 people were killed when a truck collided with a minibus taxi after the truck drove in the oncoming lane near Polokwane, Limpopo.

Reckless driving has been cited to have been the main cause for the crash.

Written by: Nonhlanhla Harris

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