Valentine’s Day | Proposals, gifts and cuteness galore

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Social media users flooded the platform with music love fest, Valentine’s proposals and many other mushy love scenes as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day.

The day is an annual celebration of love and friendship, marked by cute couples, eager school learners — and critics who say it’s just another money making scheme.

It can be traced back to the story of St. Valentine who is remembered for his selfless acts of help for couples. St. Valentine was apparently sentenced to imprisonment and beheaded by Emperor Claudius II for secretly formalising couples’ marriages.

It is said that on the day of his execution, St. Valentine sent a note to Julia, the blind daughter of the jailer, that mentioned ‘Your Valentine’. Valentine’s Day was celebrated every year on this day since then.

The day is also associated with Lupercalia—an ancient Roman festival for fertility— and Cupid, the Roman God of love and desire.

While some celebrate the day by showing love and appreciation to those closest to them, couples mainly exchange flowers and chocolates or head out for a romantic candlelit dinner to express their deep love and affection.

Below are some of the interesting Valentine’s gestures we’ve spotted on the internet and as always, learners never disappoint when it comes to showing their love to each other.

Valentine’s day is even celebrated in the sporting world.

Ferrari launched SF-24, its car for the new season. The team says the car “breaks with tradition” from the past two years.

Some people have brought some humor to this special day celebrated across the world.

It’s a day for couples to show their love and some describe the gestures as cute and beautiful.


Written by: Nonhlanhla Harris

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