Woman who lifted the lid on ‘Dr Matthew Lani’ feels vindicated

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“It’s a beautiful day indeed,” are the words of Bonolo Seleke, who blew the whistle on bogus doctor, Matthew Lani in 2021.

Seleke, who was a patient tracer at the time, lifted the lid on Lani’s alleged suspicious practice, parading as a medical doctor at Christiana Hospital in the North West.

She then quit her job after the Department of Health refused to deal with the matter.

In a post on X, Seleke said classification has eaten the hearts of this nation.

Below is the first post Seleke shared on social media in January 2021.


Lani is expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court soon, on a charge of impersonating a medical personnel.

The infamous medic was arrested at the Helen Joseph Hospital on Sunday evening.

Lani was caught at the health facility disguised in a hoodie, a surgical mask and a stethoscope around his neck.

According to the Gauteng Health Department, he had tried to escape after he was apprehended by security personnel at the health facility.

“Immediately after being apprehended, Lani requested to go to the bathroom only to attempt to escape by jumping through the bathroom window. When the security realised that he was making a run for it, they called for reinforcement, and he was subsequently apprehended again.”

Several institutions, including Wits University and the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), have rubbished claims that Lani was ever registered with them.

He’s recent woes began when some social media users began questioning his credentials.

The bogus medic, whose mastered the medical jargon, is also accused of selling pills to the public and giving diagnosis.

Health spokesperson, Motaletale Modiba, says the department welcomes Lani’s arrest.

Lani previously used the identity of Dr Sanele Zingelwa who is a medical intern at the Tembisa Hospital.

The real Dr Zingelwa, who is a second year medical intern, has since laid criminal charges against Lani.

In an interrogation by the Helen Joseph management after he was arrested, Lani claims he did not falsify his identity.

[Here’s a clip of the interrogation below]

According to the HPCSA, over 120 people have been arrested over the past three years for pretending to be registered doctors.

Practising whilst not registered with the HPCSA is a criminal offence, which could result in imprisonment.

Many took to social media questioning police’s sluggish response and arrest of the infamous doctor.

Written by: Lindiwe Mpanza

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