ANC snubs cadre deployment deadline and heads to SCA

todayJune 21, 2023 98

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The African National Congress (ANC) says it will not surrender its cadre deployment minutes to the Democratic Alliance (DA).
The governing party had until the end of business today to submit the minutes dating back to January 2013 when President Cyril Ramaphosa was still chairing the deployment committee.
The ANC has instead decided to channel the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on the matter.
Last week, the High Court in Gauteng dismissed the ANC’s application to appeal an earlier ruling, which ordered that the governing party give up the documents.
These include minutes, emails, WhatsApps and CVs – dating back to 1 January 2013.
The DA’s Leon Schreiber says they will not rest until the controversial policy is abolished.
The official opposition is of the view that the ANC’s cadre deployment policy gave birth to state capture and needs to be relinquished to protect state institutions.
Schreiber says it is clear that the ANC is now in a desperate panic to hide the truth about cadre deployment.
“If there was truly nothing nefarious about this practice, as the ANC likes to deceitfully claim, why is the party so desperate to keep it a secret?”
He says the only logic behind the ANC’s latest move is that the records are damning and will reveal how the policy illegally interfered in appointment processes to key government positions.
“Every time there is load shedding, or when the taps run dry, or services are not delivered, the people of South Africa pay the price for ANC cadre deployment corruption, which is designed to appoint cadres to positions of power on the basis of loyalty to the ANC,” says Schreiber.
Political Analyst, Levy Ndou, says this is a strategic move by the DA.

“I think the DA is trying to ensure that Ramaphosa is not isolated from all the wrong things that might be associated with the ANC, because he had been chairing the deployment committee of the ANC,” says Ndou.

Written by: Lindiwe Mpanza

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