There’s no place like… Your home office!

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2020 had many reshuffling their home ‘comfort zones’ into workspaces due to lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic. Even as the New Year presents a new beginning, many companies are still requiring staff to ‘work from home’.

How do you revive your workspace?

Here are a few ways you can press the ‘refresh’ button on your home office…

Introduce new scents

Not do you look forward to being in a space that smells good but fragrances provide an emotional, shifting landscape thus enhancing your overall mood and increasing productivity.

You can introduce pleasant smells in the sense of scented candles, flowers, and humidifiers coupled with essential oils such as peppermint, vanilla or citrus.

Create work-only zones

Getting work done on the same laptop you watch Netflix on can be tricky.

It is important to have a ‘work only’ laptop, apart from any personal elements in your life so your brain associates that space with “work”, improving productivity. Or make sure you have a specific space – a home office/desk – that you do only work at.


Add greenery and a lot of natural light

A living house plant is a great way to introduce life and colour into your workspace. Low maintenance plants like an Aloe, Snake plant or cactus would work best.

Where there is light, there flow great ideas.

According to Eco-Business, about 40% of workplaces with natural light experience 3% – 40% improvements in productivity. So let your workspace take the window seat.


Keep to your office hours

Working from home opens you up to a ‘flexible’ work schedule but to maximise productivity it’s best that you maintain regular office hours.


Consistently working at the same time every day can also help give your daily routine, structure and allows you to easily shift into ‘work mode.’

This would also afford you a good work-life balance and decrease stress.


The right playlist

There are those days when you need that ‘helping hand’ to get you through your nine to five.

Whether you need to dominate your day, block out the noise or get over the itis, music has the ability to transform your day from slow to productive.

Head to Spotify for the playlist ‘just right’ for your home office.

Take a look at 5 Ways to bring the summer feel indoors.

Don’t forget to stay safe. So just to be extra sure, keep a sanitiser on hand to wipe down your workstation as the day goes by.

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