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Whether your fighters are toying with your hearts or dishing out sweet nothings…
Trust our tea queen Kandis Kardashian to keep you posted!

The tea you didn’t even know you needed…

Costa – Made in Africa, for real!

Costa Titch is trending and not for his music but for his ‘cultural appropriation!’

A video went viral of Costa (his real name by the way) dancing and rapping in vernac. The conversation quickly turned to whether or not Costa was the cultural appropriation poster because it’s considered that when you’re profiting off of it.

However, his industry mates, the likes of Rouge, Cassper, and Speedsta, all came out tweeting their support of him.


Mara Tory, AGAIN!

The LA County court has ordered Tory Lanez to keep his distance from Megan Thee Stallion.

Quick update – So last week Tory was officially charged with shooting Megan and bail was set at $190K (which he’s still tryna figure out). Yesterday they ‘appeared’ in court, virtually of course, where a judge imposed a restraining order against Tory, where he is not allowed within 100 yards of Megan.

He, on the other hand, recently tweeted that the truth will soon come out.
If he is found guilty, he will serve 22 years in prison.

BREAKING NEWS: The judge has ordered Tory to surrender any guns he owns.

Yo Cyril, come see the GBV justice system there by your friend Trumps country!


Put a pause on that muthi.

eMTee is pleading with you lot not to ‘loya’ him as he gears up to drop his brand new album titled Logan. The multi-award-winning rapper who hasn’t had the best of luck in recent times – after splitting from Ambitiouz Entertainment and being forced to downgrade his Merc – says he’d really appreciate it if you could please put your muthi away and pick a different target because he really needs this win.

Stop loyaring my king bathong limpopo! Just kidding!


In today’s episode of EMBEZZZZLE.

Dr Dre’s soon-to-be ex-wife Nicole Young is being accused of fraud. Dre’s business partner Larry Chatman took to the courts to file a lawsuit against Nicole for allegedly going on a spending spree using their company credit card and embezzling over $300K.

Nicole hit back saying her name is literally on that credit card which makes it her money…

Can’t argue with that!

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