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After hundreds of entries, surviving the elimination rounds and impressing the judges in our pitch process, we finally have our top 12. Voting is now open.


The Top 12 finalists are (in alphabetical order):


2Selai is a dynamic and innovative food company specializing in unique kotas (A hollowed out quarter loaf filled with magic).

We are dedicated to challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries in not only the food but in all facets of our business.

2Selai’s driving force is to change the perception of what is considered the norm and in doing so inspire people to challenge their own norms.


We’re a health bar that helps our clients balance their demanding fast-paced lifestyles, with healthy delicious and convenient foods. Our product includes smoothies, juices, vitality shots, energy balls, wraps, burgers and sandwiches.

We are changing the narrative of healthy eating by providing solutions in quick nutrition and wellness and promoting responsible food choices through the provision of healthy quality food.

We exist because we believe that to perform at the truest, highest and most authentic version of yourself you need to nourish the body, the mind and the soul through food, exercise and wellness.

It’s about creating a lifestyle that allows you to be your most authentic self.


Credipple launched in 2018, and manages a network of (700+) professionals and small businesses in media and ICT industries. We vett their compliance information and work credentials so that businesses can trust who they choose to work with. We guide professionals to further learning and development based on what we understand are in-demand skills that businesses need and the professional’s profile. We believe the more time freelance professionals invest in their continuous learning and development, the more credible they will become and the more they will increase their income capability.

Credipple connects clients to trusted creative and digital service providers in the Media and ICT industries. The nature of these interactions is on a freelance/short term basis as the professionals in our community either operate as a freelancer or as a small business owner. The transition from education to the workplace for South African youth is becoming increasingly fragmented and reliant on strong social networks which means there is no clear pathway guiding professionals to a successful career. Without a developing career and progressing incomes it is increasingly more difficult for young people to support their families and achieve their dreams.

At Credipple we believe that freelancing, independent contracting and self-employment are professional careers and should be viewed in the same professional manner as permanent employment. We believe that the future of work needs young people in freelance and self-employment opportunities, and they should have access to some of the key benefits that come with formal employment such as:

  • Tracked career development
  • Access to training and development opportunities
  • Income progression


Foonda is a future-focused startup on a mission of revolutionising access to higher education through technology. 

As embodied in the name ‘Foonda’ which is derived from combining the words “Food” and “ukufunda” (meaning ‘to study’ or ‘to learn’ in isiXhosa), Foonda aims to feed people’s appetite to learn more by bringing new tech solutions that put students first.
We exist to simplify and enable equitable access to the higher education ecosystem and we’re currently doing this through our first app called ‘Apply’. 

With ‘Apply’ students will be able to access and apply to endless scholarship and bursary opportunities through their phones. Students register on the app, set up their profile and the app connects them to a world of opportunities matching their interests.

We are on a mission to change mindsets, build solutions and change lives the Foonda Way!
Big dreams start here. Big dreams start with Foonda.


The company was established in May 2018 and is 100 % black owned regulated under the South African new companies Act (Act 71 of 2008). This business operates in the Gauteng province but plans to have a national reach. 

We provide Grade 12 students with the following packages: 

  • Glam me up: Makeup, attire, nails and shoes
  • Take me to the red carpet: Hair, makeup, attire, nails, shoes and personal photographer 
  • My own Glam Squad: Hair, personal makeup artist for the night, attire, nails, shoes, personal photography and a car

The above packages are used as a guideline, but students are able to create their own package in accordance to what they want. 

Our core business is Matric Dances, but we have started branching out into graduations, weddings, commercial styling, and personal shopping too. 


Indalo Nubian Naturals is one of the few natural hair salons in South Africa based in Gauteng, with a booming number of 29 professionally groomed employees, to cater and take care of the fragile nature of natural black hair. Indalo has been derived from the Zulu word “nature”,  and has put the definition of the word in its full representative form through service and client satisfaction with the nature at which the business of hair has been carried out.

Indalo has 2 branches, namely JHB CBD and PTA CBD , where its services centered around style and uniqueness to maintaining of natural hair. Indalo was founded by a Kagiso born and bred Smangele Sibisi, who started her tender career at the age of 9 years. I also started an NGO focusing on the transcendence of young girls in needing a magical touch with the sponsoring of hair, make up and transportation for their matric dances.


Mo’s Crib is a South African manufacturing company that hand makes homeware and decor items from recycled or upcycled material and has recently expanded its textile division to manufacturing sustainable quality textile goods such as locally made linen, workwear as well as personal protective equipment.

Reducing waste, reusing and recycling resources is a valuable principle which drives us towards our goal of conserving the environment, but we don’t just stop there; talent and creativity are synonymous to Mo’s Crib, we therefore breed and cultivate natural talent through 100% handmade products that are unique, exclusive and add an element of distinctiveness and creativity to any space in a home. The “handmade in South Africa” principle is our way of preserving talent, creating jobs and reducing our carbon footprint, this also guarantees authenticity, style and thought to each product.


Nzomela Herbal Bread was founded by Jabulani Ngwenya, Bulelani Rashe and Michelle Kekana in 2018. The company started in an effort to combat one of the townships biggest challenges: hunger. Nzomela realised that the majority relies on bread that is both unhealthy and expensive for residents living below the breadline.

Nzomela Herbal is a Healthy artisan product that uses local ingredients such as a range of fresh herbs that have nutritional benefits.The Business celebrates handcrafted and local goods, not only through the production of their bread, but also through the promotion. Nzomela is not only a healthy bread for a better lifestyle, but it is an important tool in building healthy and strong communities by basing the achievements on the outcome of the eco-revitalisation and community upliftment: through variuos participation campaigns such as feeding schemes; merging partnerships with Community Business, Educational institutions, NPOs and recycling projects which thereby improves the economy.


Pureb Baby Care is a brand under the company  (ingcweti pty ltd) was founded in 2018 on October 3, by a young South African female entrepreneur, Phumzile Mthembu, after her own son was diagnosed with eczema and was treated by the ointment she created.
It is wholly black-owned manufacturing company that specializes in producing Baby skincare ointments for skin irritations such as ringworms, nappy rash, eczema, sores , burns


S’Africa Lamp Designs is a unique company that sells African inspired lamps. A modern approach to celebrating Africa’s rich and diverse cultures and textiles through lamp designs. It is a proudly South African business that prides itself in supporting local manufacturers and suppliers for the raw materials. The lamps are made with imbuia wood, Ankara textiles, beads, linen, poly cotton and other African textiles. Our brand draws inspiration from the colourful textiles that represents different tribes and cultures in Southern Africa. We aim to bring forth Africa to the rest of the world by embracing and celebrating Africa’s rich arts embedded in its people.

We also custom design the lamps to fit your taste and style and our price range is from R200 to R5000. Our store is online based We have an active presence on social media platforms, and we are an email away from any enquiries or customised order requests.


Vulalula is a 100% black owned, proudly South African hands-free door handle manufacturer and distributor. We are fully dedicated to creating jobs while flattening the curve with our simple yet innovative product. We have delivered across various countries in Africa, servicing a variety of industries and companies.

Vulalula – “Open easily” was created as a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. After extensive research into methods of reducing contact areas within shared spaces, we found that people touch their faces (an average of) 23 times an hour while in communal areas. Making hand sanitising ineffective when used in isolation as we interact with many objects in our day-to-day activities.

We believe that big chain stores around the country and continent have a responsibility to invest in protecting their consumers as this is critical for continued brand saliency, loyalty and increased sales due to new found trust in the respective environments.


The company is founded by an ice cream loving melanin popping 20 something-year-old. She makes dairy free ice cream using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible; she pours her soul into it by designing each flavour according to one of the 7 chakras.

Yococo was born to cater to vegans, lactose intolerant people and health conscious individuals. People who can’t eat dairy are always given second-rate desserts or no options at all. Healthy can be indulgent.


  • We are constantly trying new flavours to deliver around Johannesburg.
  • We do markets (just to see our Yococo lovers eat as much ice cream aspossible)
  • We do collaborations with lifestyle brands such as Dead. and Nirmala.
  • We do pop-ups occasionally.
  • Team buildings are also on our “to-do” list.



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