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todayJuly 17, 2020 14

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Its been quite the week for your faves. With one getting shot, other catching subs and healing from the rona in 4 days. Well, that’s not all! Kandis Kardashian is coming for everything… You’ve been served:


So, it turns out that Kanye West is officially running for president.

Yeezy recently completed all the necessary Federal Election Commission documents and paid the $35K joining fee. Registering his party as BDY which of course stands for Birthday Party. When asked why he chose the name, he simply answered, “Well, if I win, it’s everyone’s birthday.”

Kanye dubbed his campaign Kanye2020!



Following our report about Tory lanez being arrested on a concealed weapon charge and Megan Thee Stallion being rushed to hospital after a foot injury:

Get this… Tory allegedly shot Megan in the foot TWICE! The pair had been arguing in his SUV when Tory broke out the gun whilst Megan and friend, Kelsey Nicole (the third party), tried to get out.

Initially she didn’t want to snitch and claimed her foot got cut by broken glass. Megan has since released a statement saying she’s happy to be alive and will make a full recovery without mention of Tory.


KFC Couple parting ways?

Remember that KFC proposal that headlined and had brands subsequently contributing to the couples special day back in November 2019?

Well, Rumors started swirling on Wednesday that the KFC couple Hector and Nonhlanhla had called it quits.

The lovebirds have since debunked this myth saying they were shook when a family member called them to ask if the rumors were true. The newlyweds say they’re happier than ever and are just a little bummed at the fact that COVID-19 ruined their honeymoon trip to New York City.

We’re still mad that we weren’t invited to the wedding but we move… Catch the sub.


Rich people problems

EVERYONE! Head to Joseph Avenue, Northcliff. We are on the lookout for Sarah Langa’s friend’s doggy that went missing on the weekend.

Now you’re probably wondering who would brave the cold to find a silly French bulldog named Harvey right…. The Reward is R20 000!

Sarah posted on her instagram that Harvey was last seen on Sunday and is pleading for the public’s assistance.

A whole R20 000… Nice life problems yaz!

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