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Hey gorgeous! Is your wardrobe failing to match your style? Maybe because the rands aren’t adding up? Here are a few budget-friendly tips that @20FixWithOdi shared with DJ Sabby and Tshepi to help you with your style slump.

First thing you gotta do is cleanout!

It’s never too late to cleanse and detox spaces around you for the new year (yes, we’re still referring to it as new).

Clear your cupboard or wardrobe of all the clutter – torn clothes, small clothes and those you have never worn (and will never wear). Organize unused clothes in the following boxes

  • Trade Box (host a trade party with your friends and trade clothes)
  • Donate Box

Organize a chat party

Gather a few friends for a cute “champagne” picnic. Chat about styles you have come across and what you would like to incorporate into your own. You could get a few tips on what to change or add to your style. Create a style look book with outfits for various occasions.

“Learn how to mix and match those items with different types of things.”

-Odi reiterates to help with your styling


Turn your old clothes into something new and trendy. This way you may be the only person in the world with that item of clothing. Did somebody say exclusive?

Create a monthly “style budget,” that you stick to. 

Plan to spend 5% of your monthly income/allowance (after expenses). Buy items in order of importance – try to prioritise items that you can dress up and down and that fit into different version e.g. a pair of black jeans.

When shopping, have cash in hand. This helps you monitor how much you have spent.

Thrift it first! 

Check out thrift stores before heading to the mall. The treasure hunt will take a bit more time but it is worth the price.

Listen here for more tips by Odi to help you make your threads count :


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