Pertunia Mongoai is a single, queer adoptive mom | Adopting in South Africa

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The Best Drive duo (Nia Brown and Mthaux) took a look into the adoption process in South Africa.

To speak on the subject, the pair invited Petunia Mongoai, a new parent who recently adopted a child.

Pertunia mentions having always wanted to become a mother.

2019, (is) the year I finally got to be what I’ve always wanted to be. A mom.



Adoptive prospects have to be South African citizens or residents over the age of 18. There is no real age limit but some adoption agencies cut off at 50, due to your ability to care for and raise a child at old age.

As for income, there is no specific minimum, as long as you can prove that you can provide adequate care for the child.

The total sum of legal and other professional services for the process could cost from R12 500 to R28 000 and can even rise to R40 000 if the adoptive parent(s) are covering the medical expenses of the birth mother.


Once you’ve done all the research and have decided that you want to adopt you may commence with applications. Upon applying, prospective parents are orientated about the process and interviewed by a social worker.

Speaking to Nia and Mthaux on #TheBestDrive, Mongoai mentions that she got in touch with the “Impilo Adoption Agency.”

They are informed about the documents required which includes items such as psychological and medical assessments, as well character references from family and friends.

Mongoai mentions that a social worker had explained to her that, “it takes anywhere from nine months to two years.”

It must be noted that this is a child-centred process about finding the best possible home for the child.

The applicants are screened by the National Child Protection Register and National Register of Sexual Offenders and have to receive SAPS clearance.

A home visit is to be conducted to make sure it is suitable for raising a child.

Approved applicants are put on to the Register of Adoptable Children and Prospective Adoptive Parents.



Consent from the birth parents must be confirmed legally within 60 days. After the 60 day period, the social worker notifies the adoptive parents.

After all of this is done, the parents get to see the child for a few days prior to the day of adoption.

The paperwork is filed at the nearest children’s court, where the adoptive parents sign the documents to have the adoption order accepted. The applicants are then legally registered as parents of the child.

After this, they may change the surname of the child to their own and this takes from four to 18 months at Home Affairs.

Listen to Pertunia Mongoai’s intriguing story here:

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