The Shakedown chill with Gowisha’s Suburban Zulu

todayNovember 26, 2019 76

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Pride Pow Wow: The Shakedown sat down with the creator of Gowisha, Lelo Macheke better known as Suburban Zulu.

They’re on your WhatsApp, you Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’re talking about gifs! Gifs have always been helpful for brightening up any conversation. We also use them to better show our emotions. While procrastinating during exams, Lelo, found himself creating gifs. This quickly got the Suburban Zulu thinking about making more localised Gif’s and this was the birth of Gowisha. is not only a database for gifs but is also a niche digital marketing solutions agency.

You can check out their gifs here:

The creator, Lelo, spoke on the “trickiness” behind making money from this type of business. He explained that even though he created the gifs, he is not the creator of most of the original content (e.g. from TV shows). However, when he captures his own content and turns it into gifs this is how he makes money.

This is also where the agency side of Gowisha comes in. Gowisha Digital Marketing Solutions creates customised gifs for your business that you can use for various marketing purposes.

For the full interview you can listen here:

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