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Tiktok challenges you’ve got to try during the lockdown

The race against the #35dayLockdownSA clock wouldn't be the same without all these social media challenges keeping us company. TikTok has pulled out all stops to keep you entertained during this period. So switch your camera to selfie mode and try out some of these challenges Songs that turned into trends: 1. #BoredInTheHouse Tyga is a mood, hey? This challenge has Tokers sharing what they have been getting up to […]

todayApril 14, 2020 84


Cool apps to keep you busy during the lockdown!

There's more to the lockdown than eating, sleeping and staring at the wall. Apart from social media, your cellphone is your best friend during the lockdown, so grab your phone and check out some of these cool apps. 1.┬áTikTok If you haven't jumped on it, you are sleeping on the job! This video-sharing app caters for all sorts of family fun. Create your own parodies, dance videos, join global challenges […]

todayMarch 27, 2020 18