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Perspective On Y: Unpacking On Gun Violence and its effect on our communities

YFM, Gauteng’s biggest youth station, will be focusing on a discussion that has affected many South Africans, the effect gun violence has on our communities.  Panel guests on the show Anika Roslee - attorney and gun advocate, Montenique Davey – sports shooter and on executive board of Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA), Yvette Floss – YFM personality and licensed gun owner and Themba Lukhele – ex-convict now motivational speaker will divulge into […]

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Perspective On Y | Discussing child maintenance and finances centered around children’s well-being

YFM, Gauteng’s biggest youth station, will be shedding light on a controversial but vital discussion, child maintenance. Host of Sunday Feels, Xtremme, together with a panel of experts, will lead the discussion that will focus on South African Family Laws, the rights of a mother, father as well as a child and how these rights are determined by the court. Listeners will be informed about child visitation, surname changes for […]

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Perspective On Y


YFM launches hard-hitting topical talk show – Perspective on Y

YFM 99.2, Gauteng’s number one youth station is launching a one-of-a-kind talk show - Perspective on Y.  The hard-hitting show will air between 7pm and 9pm every second Thursday, starting on 9 July.   The first two episodes of Perspective on Y will focus on the prevalent and very serious issue of rape, its consequences, victims and the people behind the laws that are meant to protect. The Perspective on […]

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