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todayJune 6, 2024 53

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Ever since the release of the elections results, I am one of those who has impassionately called for our movement to use this moment to reflect deeply and honestly so as to how we got to where we are and what are the possible solutions that we can offer our disgruntled electorate and effectively “get our house in order.”

Seemingly, my approach has been overtaken by events, there has been a rush to “form government” and various scenarios have been presented, debated, accepted and rejected.

One attempted to steer clear of such debates because of the disastrous effects allocation of chairs have to the broader body politic of our society outside of the desperate plea our people have made through the ballot box. I am still of the view it would be a missed opportunity should we fail to make a deeper reflection of the moment we find ourselves in.

Today, the leadership of our movement will meet to consider these “scenarios” that they believe are presented to us by the electorate.

One has followed these debates quiet closely, as usual and in many instances, these debates are laced with heavy emotions.

Others debate from a standpoint that we have been “betrayed” by parties such as MKP and its leader, others are even of the view that we must “punish” them by working with the right-wing racist DA (under the guise of a “stable government”-whatever that means).

Others have suggested a more middle ground of excluding both the DA and the MKP and rather work with the EFF, IFP and PA to form a simple majority and govern. In all of these scenarios, what is the “will of the people”?

Should we fail to respond to this very pertinent question, we would have lost the plot!

Here is my view on this arduous and hazardous debate, whatever decisions our leadership take, a coalition with the right-wing racist DA will spell disaster for both our movement and the country!

I won’t even get into details why this is so wrong; the DA simply hates black people and for far too long we have allowed the dictatorship of the markets to drive our decisions as a movement to a point where our people have revolted against us!

If you want to see how the DA hates black people, look at the Western Cape that they model as their governance “blueprint”, in the recent visit to the townships of Cape Town, the President was greeted by “ikaka” running on the streets of Khayelitsha and all other surrounding townships.

Visit the rural side of the province and see how coloured and black people are treated like animals, in the farm areas, labourers are paid with alcohol, farm workers are displaced daily,

Beyond the peddled “governance stability” which is laced with the “swart gevaar” that suggests that black parties cannot work together to govern in a stable way outside of the DA, the black majority in this country want services that they rightfully deserve.

Young people want jobs so that they can lead sustainable and dignified lives, for too long has the youth of this country languished the townships and rural areas daily, some with qualifications, some unskilled however being of working age!

We can no longer make promises, we have to deliver!

We must open the economy and allow for black-owned SMMEs to thrive, we must remove all the barriers that are aimed at stifling black people from participating in the economy. In essence, we need to move away from the lily-white economy and allow all South Africans to participate equally!

What the last 30 years have demonstrated, is that the current economic trajectory has had absolutely no benefits for the black majority in this country! It has kept the rich richer and the poor poorer! We can go on and on and on.

With these and many other examples one can make, nothing suggests that any partnership with the DA can resolve this, if anything it will further alienate the black masses from us, we will appear more like a movement that has taken a “sellout” position, and we will be completely liquidated!

Indeed, there are those who stand to benefit from this, those conservative elements within us who have amassed economic benefits that came with the 1994 breakthrough, those who find themselves in the corridors and boardrooms of big business who stay in lavish high walled houses who somehow believe that a “stable government” of the ANC/DA would protect them.

Not in our name!

Phansi nge DA, phansi!!

Written by Former NYDA Chairperson, Sifiso Tso Mtsweni.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the content belong to the author and not Y, its affiliates, or employees.

Written by: Lindiwe Mabena

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