Bester pleads for a death sentence 

todayJune 5, 2024 146

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Facebook rapist and murderer, Thabo Bester, wants to be sentenced to death.
Appearing before the High Court in Bloemfontein today, he made a plea for a petition that will be signed by the public agreeing to his death by the state.
During the outburst, Bester told the court that his co-accused in his escape saga were innocent.
The former fugitive who had faked his death in a fire, and eight other accused, including his lover Dr Nandipha Magudumana, her father and G4S employees, face several charges, including defeating the ends of justice.
Bester says he will accept the death penalty, if such an order is made.
He told the court that he’s been out of prison for a year, living his life and has not violated any human.
He had escaped from prison after faking death at a prison cell in the Mangaung Maximum Prison.
“I came here with 80 cars; I woke up at 02h00 am in the morning. I’ve been having chains on my feet, my feet are ice at this point, I can barely feel my toes.”
“This is not the way I want to proceed with your honour. If it means that this court can accept the petition and the public can sign it and I can be put to rest, because I am at peace. I know what I’ve done and what I have not done, I’m not perfect.”
Bester claims that all the charges levelled against him would not exist if there was no political involvement controlling the matter.
The convict did not miss an opportunity in his rant to take a jab at the media.
He has accused the media of tarnishing and destroying him without any concrete evidence.
“It’s already confirmed that I’ve escaped but no one knows the true facts. It’s already confirmed that Thabo Bester is a rapist and a murderer but there’s no evidence.”
Bester claims he was forced to plead guilty to his previous rape charges, which led to him being dubbed ‘The Facebook rapist’.
“I am not the worst inmate in this country, but I am the most popular inmate for no reason, but because of the political carnage and issues that I have in my personal capacity, that have nothing to do with these legal proceedings.”
“I feel that it’s unfair that these people that are sitting here as my so-called accused to be in court, when I know very well that they have nothing to do with this, knowing very well that they were not present in any of these issues that are in these indictments.”
Bester claims that he has proof that there are high ranking officials involved in his imprisonment.
“I have enough evidence to prove that this thing is much more than just an average person that is working at an institution called G4S.”
Meanwhile, what appeared to have been Bester’s new lawyer withdrew from the case today, citing travel costs.
Bester says no lawyer wants to associate with him.
“I’ve had five counsels who told me that, I would love to be in your case, but I will be in the background, because I cannot be seen in front, because you are Thabo Bester and the media will destroy me and the state will never give me any work.”
The matter will return to court on the 24th of July.


Written by: Lindiwe Mpanza

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