‘Donald Trump can still run for President’

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International relations expert, Professor John Stremlau, has described the conviction of United States former President, Donald Trump, as an unprecedented moment for that country.

Trump becomes the first former US president to be convicted of felony after he was found guilty on all 34 charges that he was facing.

The 77-year-old was at the centre of a scheme to cover up “hush money” payments to silence porn star Stormy Daniels, ahead of the 2016 election.

Speaking to Ynews, Stremlau says this shows that no man is above the law.

Trump is accused of falsifying business records to reimburse his lawyer, Michael Cohen, for a $130 000 payment to Daniels on the eve of the 2016 election, when her claim to have had sex with him could have had a detrimental effect to him taking office.

The 12-member jury deliberated for more than 11 hours over two days to end a five-week trial.

Biden and Trump are set to cross swords in the upcoming November 5 elections, and Trump seems to be the favourite to win at the polls.

Stremlau says Trump appeals to the emotional and insecurities of some of the Americans, which is why he has a huge following.

He says while Trump can still run for president in the 2024 US election, his conviction has put the United States in uncharted territory.

Trump faces 57 more felony charges in three other jurisdictions.

Stremlau gave clarity that there is nothing in the US constitution stopping someone running and serving as president if they are charged with or even convicted of serious crimes.

Trump has dismissed his ‘Hush money trial’ as a disgrace, saying the whole process was rigged.

Speaking after his guilty conviction, he accused the Biden administration of being behind this.


Meanwhile US President, Joe Biden, says the only way to keep Trump out of office is for people to vote.

Trump could face up to four years in jail for each count of falsifying business records.

But, he plans to appeal the conviction.

Social media has been abuzz since Thursday over the conviction.

Our Hopium that it would’ve been a hung jury in the Donald Trump case is deterring us from truly witnessing what is been happening over the decades to this country we need to stop hoping and get down to doing the work. #trump24 #FJB #realDonaldTrump

— DoitRgt (@Doit_V_S_F) May 31, 2024

We need to all step up give money to Donald Trump and to stop this corrupt system of law Joe Biden communist Joe has weaponized our department of Justice and he’s the one who keeps crying democracy he is destroying our democracy our constitutional republic right in front

— Denise Lynn Angevine (@LynnAngevine) May 31, 2024

Despite all of the concessions and allowances that were afforded to Trump that no other defendant would receive; yes. It was a fair trial and the evidence was overwhelmingly damning of the criminal Donald Trump.

— Lee Edgerley (@LeeH1955) May 31, 2024

I stand with Donald Trump and voting for him in Nov. My liberal friends are as well. They see what is happening

— RJ (@GOCITY990) May 31, 2024

Nelson Mandela spent nearly 30yrs in prison for doing nothing wrong other than be black.
Trump lied about money he used to pay off a sex worker and will probably do little to no time in prison and will come out a martyr?
That, my friends, is called white privilege.

— Narinder Kaur (@narindertweets) May 31, 2024

Donald Trump needs to be replaced.. he needs to be kicked out of American politics immediately and Permanently

— Lee (@LeeHough17) May 31, 2024

and I am NOT wrong Trump should never have taken on the system . This verdict does not humiliate Donald Trump. It does not move the scale. Remember Donald Trump never went after you . You have nothing . I am sorry . I really think you look foolish. Nothing changes . In fact…

— Terrence McParland (@tercher9499) May 31, 2024

Written by: Nonhlanhla Harris

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