South Africans urged to prepare for a coalition government

todayMay 31, 2024 31

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Political analyst, Lesego More, says South Africans and politicians should be ready for a coalition government.

He says not even a fortune teller could have predicted what lies ahead.

Citizens are waiting with bated breath for the final election results in the most hotly contested polls since 1994.

According to the IEC, 71.6% of the votes have been captured so far, with the ANC still in the lead, followed by the DA and the MK Party nationally.

More says historically at this point of the process, the ANC normally affirms its dominance.

“It should be quite worrying for the ANC. Yes, a lot of political parties say it’s still early, but the way things are, it looks like the ANC will fall shy of that 50%+1 mark that they need to constitute government.”

He says looking at the DA, the party led by John Steenhuisen could retain its position as the official opposition.

More says it seems the DA has managed to reclaim the support they lost to FFPlus during the 2019 elections.

“This could be because of the return of Helen Zille to the DA and leadership structure.”

Looking at the performance of the EFF led by Julius Malema, More says they are one of the most visible and active parties in the country’s political space.

“I do not think that the EFF hierarchy would be happy if they would stay at the position they are in now at fourth place, nationally.

“It would be a poor performance based on the indication that they gave that they are expecting to at least become the official opposition and overtake the DA in these elections.”

As South Africa reels from shock looking at the newly formed MK Party’s performance in the recent elections, the party led by former president Jacob Zuma is making significant strides, toppling the ANC in KZN, and kicking the EFF out of the top three, nationally.

More says considering that the MK Party is fairly new, and they do not have policies, people just love Zuma.

“People who vote for the MK Party are people who resonate with Zuma, who love Zuma and it shows how relevant he still is in the South African political space.”

He says while ActionSA was a kingmaker in the 2021 local government elections, it seems at a national level – voters don’t resonate with their policies.

The analyst says the 2024 elections might be the last for Cope.

He says listening to their tone and them saying even if they could just retain what they already have, sounds like they are writing their obituary.

Vote counting continues for the second day, with the Northern Cape having completed its capturing, with no majority.


Written by: Lindiwe Mpanza

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