Two suspects accused of selling “dagga cookies” to minors in court

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Two suspects accused of selling drugged edibles to minors are appearing before the Soshanguve Magistrate Court today.

They were arrested after at least 90 Pulamadibongo Primary School pupils were hospitalised on Wednesday.

They fell ill after consuming the “space cookies” the children allegedly bought from the two men.

The affected children were between grades R and 7, with some as young as 6 years old.

Parents met with officials at the school yesterday following the mass doping scandal, which has rocked the community.

Many parents say they do not blame the school, but have lost trust in street vendors.

They’ve described the incident as a deliberate attempt to get the minors hooked on drugs.

Lerato Modigo’s 9-year-old son was among the 90 children who were affected.

She says her son temporarily lost his vision and complained of headaches after consuming the muffins, which she says he bought for just R3.

Morogo says the children were sold the muffins on a buy-one-get-one free basis, a move parents believe proves the vendors attempts to permanently damage the children.

Parents have vowed to mobilise the community should the suspects be granted bail.

Meanwhile, Soshanguve street vendors say they will have to work hard to win back their community’s trust.

They’ve condemned the incident as an isolated act, saying the venomous actions of one street vendor has caused unnecessary friction with the community.

YNews spoke with one street vendor who says she’s cautioned her own children against purchasing from fellow vendors following the incident.

Another vendor who sells sandwiches outside the local clinic, know simply as T-boss, says he’s now been chased away from local schools. Article by Naomi Kobbie

Written by: Lindiwe Mabena

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