YFM and Smirnoff are looking for the next YFM DJ

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Over the next 12 weeks, YFM and Smirnoff will be giving campus DJs around the country an opportunity to be a YFM DJ!

The Nightcap with Lula Odiba will host #BeTheNext where aspirant radio presenters co-host with Lula for an opportunity to win a three-month on-air contract with YFM.

The contestants from the following campuses will be competing from 9PM-10PM every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as follows:

TUKS FM From Monday 10 May
UJFM From Monday 17 May
PUK FM From Monday 24 May
VOW FM From Monday 31 May
BMH RADIO From Monday 7 June


Listeners can vote for each contestant from the Monday of their first appearance, to the Friday. The Top 3 winners will be announced at the end of 12 weeks and they will compete for the big prize to join the coolest line-up in the country, on a three month contract.

Says YFM Managing Director, Haseena Cassim: “YFM is passionate about growth and development as well as ensuring there’s constant nurturing of talent both on and off-air. With Covid-19, we’ve been unable to run the industry-leading Y Academy for last year and this year. #BeTheNext allows us to bridge that gap this year and provide a platform for a new generation of talent.

“In refreshing our line-up from April, we were clear that we wanted to balance three objectives across the station, particularly on night-time radio. Music and entertainment will always be in our DNA, and it is critical for us to provide an opportunity for young people to have the discussions they want and need to have. #BeTheNext speaks directly to the third of these objectives – the nurturing and development of new talent. We look forward to showcasing the very best young talent in the country over the next 12 weeks.”

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