The IDC wants to give you that mining opportunity you’ve been waiting for

todayJanuary 24, 2020 25

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Mining is an industry that is often overlooked by the South African youth because it is perceived as difficult and inaccessible. The IDC’s main objective is to drive mining knowledge accessibility as well as expand industrial capacity in South Africa.

The Industrial Development Corporation’s Basic Metals and Mining SBU department, lead by Rian Coetzee, prides itself on encouraging and engaging the youth to take part in the industry by providing loans to entrepreneurs in the sector and BEE expansionary acquisitions.

Understanding what the mining sector could be, the IDC is passionate about ensuring the realisation of social and developmental outcomes and have therefore taken the risk to provide equity funding for feasibility studies. Thus, promoting economic growth and job creation.

The treasures discovered in mining are not tails when working hand-in-hand with the IDC. The sector branches out into other industries such as battery manufacturing, geology, sales and management. Meaning you don’t have to get your hands dirty to play your part in  South Africa’s industrial growth.

Rian Coetzee educated Khutso Theledi and krunchers about the opportunities available for SA’s youth and particularly what “female interest” could mean for the Mining industry.

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Catch the IDC at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town, 3-7 February 2020.


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