What’s cooking for The Lazy Makoti in 2020? | #KrunchWithKhutso

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Author of award-winning cookbook, The Lazy Makoti, aims to help you cultivate all forms of our Proudly South African dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen.

“It takes a village” –

Mogau Seshoene aka The Lazy Makoti

Speaking to radio host Khutso Theledi, Seshoene says that her successes were not solely based on her own work but also on the efforts of those that support her craft.

Upon publishing her book, not only did she hit the ground running with book sales, but she cooked up a storm in the culinary industry by suggesting a different approach to international dishes and appetizers. With various food traditionalists and critics against her, The Lazy Makoti persevered to stand-out with her authenticly South African style of cooking.

That’s not all for the thriving chef, speaking to Khutso Theledi on #KrunchWithKhutso, Seshoene says she continues to host cooking classes for the modern-day aspiring cook.

More on that and plans for 2020 here:

Need the skills to whip up a storm at the next family event?

The Lazy Makoti has personal and group sessions to help you out with that.

If you’d rather listen to the full interview:

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