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Who ruled Spotify in 2019? Well, you did!

Spotify 2019 Wrapped is your personal summary of your favourite hits from 2019.

Check out your 2019 Wrapped on right now, then share your most streamed songs and artists of the year.

Then post your cards on Twitter or Facebook, tag @YFM and #SpotifyYFM and every afternoon on The Best Drive with DJ Sabby you could win a Bose Bluetooth speaker worth R2000 PLUS your top Spotify track will be played for the whole of GP.

Don’t keep your tracks to yourself, share them with SA and win with Spotify 2019 Wrapped.



In 2019, millions of people around the globe came to Spotify, the world’s most popular streaming platform, to listen to music, podcasts and exclusive audio content that they love, while discovering new favorites along the way.

Once again, Spotify are recapping the year in music, podcasts and culture in a way that only Spotify can, by giving listeners a look back at their personal year, and unveiling the top streamed lists of 2019.

Spotify listeners can now access their personalised 2019 Wrapped Card, which showcases the songs, albums, artists and podcasts they discovered and shared the most throughout 2019.

Discover what music South Africans, lived, loved and celebrated with in 2019. With popular genres like AmaPiano gaining momentum on Spotify it will be a compilation of exciting choices perfect to take you into 2020.

Go to and find out what music South Africans have enjoyed over the past year.

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