Patricia Mashifane: Chartered accountant side hustles as a fashion designer

Written by on 26th Nov 2019

Qualified chartered accountant by day. Fashion designer and Multi-platform social entrepreneur 24/7.

Chartered accountant, Patricia Mashifane, turned her passion for fashion into a brand that grew from 0 to 144 000 followers across all social media platforms and has now become a leading fashion brand among celebrities. She has dressed the likes of Amanda Du Point, Thembi Seete and Gigi Lamayne.

She is also the mastermind behind Khutso Theledi’s alluring drip for #LYFE2019.

Would you look at that:

Her brand, Sauvemaxia, has hit the world by storm. Sauvemaxia is derived from the Latin term ‘suāvis’ meaning sophistication, whilst Maxia is a rare moth. Thus meaning rare clothing sophistication for small to medium-sized people.

“People don’t have the time but they still want to have a side income. That’s where Swift Conversions comes in.”

-Patricia Mashifane

Pat has always been hungry to learn more and whilst navigating the world of entrepreneurship, she created two businesses/platforms – Swift Conversions and EcommQueens – that help people with digital marketing for their brand.

Being a serial entrepreneur, Pat also spoke about how to start and run an internet real estate business:



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