‘Love weight’ and its effects

Written by on 11th Nov 2019

“You’ve gained weight, you look good… your relationship is definitely treating you well!”

You may have been on the receiving end of a “compliment” like this…

But, changes in one’s waistline when in a relationship is complicated!

Fun fact: According to experts, weight gain is also due to mealtimes becoming a central part of the relationship. A study found that women that are dating tend to gain around 6kgs within the five years verses 10kgs for those that are married. Healthline.com also states that it’s been found that young happy newlyweds put on extra weight in contrast to those that aren’t satisfied, who tend to lose weight.

#KrunchWithKhutso brought this phenomenon closer to home for listeners and wanted to understand how their partner reacted to a change in physical appearance and how it has affected their relationship.

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