What in the actual heck is ASMR?

todayOctober 25, 2019 16

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ASMR is an acronym standing for autonomy sensory meridian response.

That didn’t help much right?

Sure, let’s dig into it further…

ASMR is a pleasant reaction to certain stimuli. It is believed that ASMR is something people either have or don’t have, so kind of like a characteristic – the ability to feel a pleasant tingling sensation that can be triggered by acoustic or visual stimuli. This is often delivered by whispering & soft talking, casual role play, focusing on sounds to trigger your ASMR.

How did it become such a large internet sensation? Individuals have filmed ASMR videos that are very trigger heavy to intentionally evoke your ASMR. At its core, ASMR is a positive genre to help people. Viewers have described ASMR as a brain massage and a way to help them ease anxiety & depression, fall asleep, and just relax.

A digital superpower in a way if you’d say.

Weird? The internet is weird.

We explored this sensation with artist Moonchild Sannelly who actively helps you find your trigger ASMR.

Watch and let us know which sounds had the hairs on your back stand up.

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