Building a better South Africa requires that we do it together.

In this six-part series brought to you by Anglo American, Nia Brown, host of Y breakfast show The Way Up, leads conversations with those doing their part to build the better South Africa that we all want.

They discuss how we can grow our country, despite its challenges, with a special emphasis on the critical role each of us can play in building a brighter future for our nation.

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Episode 1: What are young people doing to build a better South Africa

Y, in partnership with Anglo American, presents: Building a better South Africa, together. It’s a brand-new podcast series, delving deep into the issues that matter most to our country.

South Africa’s young people are known for their unwavering determination and resilience, as well as their ability to adapt to challenging circumstances. 

Our youth have been a driving force for change throughout our history, and this is a role they will continue to play as we build a better South Africa. 

In our first episode, we kick off with our conversation on whether there is still hope for young people in South Africa given the challenges the country is facing. Our guests are Mail & Guardian editor-in-chief Ron Derby, and entrepreneur Zimasa Vabazawho, who believe that there are lots of opportunities for the youth, however these can be accessed only if relevant and solid platforms are created. 

The conversation also delved into how young people can use the influx of new information to make informed decision about their country, particularly by being active citizens and practice civic duties.

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Be a part of building a better South Africa, together. 

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