“Xolani Khumalo is doing the Lord’s work,” says McKenzie as support pour in for anti-drug show host

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Minority party, Patriotic Alliance, has added its voice in support of the host of Moja Love’s anti-drug show, Sizokuthola, Xolani Khumalo.
Party leader, Gayton McKenzie, says the PA stands with Khumalo who is cleaning the streets of drugs – a feat that law enforcement agencies should be doing.
McKenzie’s remarks come amid investigations into the death of Robert Varrie, an alleged drug dealer who died after the crew’s visit to a house in Katlehong last Wednesday.
McKenzie says the fight against drugs needs to be intensified, as drugs are killing the youth of South Africa.
Young people also end up killing each other for them, he adds.


In a statement, Moja Love says it is also investigating the circumstances surrounding Varrie’s death.

The TV Channel, however, maintains that its crew was with law enforcement officials during the raid that preceded Vallerie’s death and did everything in accordance with the law.

“We will wait for the official autopsy results for cause of death. The show continues to work with law enforcement agencies and in each of the shows, case numbers can be shared including that the suspects are or were handed over to the authorities for further investigations and legal processes.”

Some social media users have also come to Khumalo’s defence, saying he has been doing far more than what police have been able to do by working with their communities.

During a recent visit to the Y studios in Johannesburg, the man at the centre of the storm shared what drives him to continue the drug fight despite threats to his life.

Speaking to YNews, some Yires commended Xolani for the great work he has been doing in a bid to rid the country of drugs, which continue to destroy lives and families.

They say Xolani’s programme shows the power of community crime-fighting structures.

Written by: Nokwazi Qumbisa

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