ANC Mpumalanga leaders accused of sexually exploiting young comrades

todayJune 15, 2023 224

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ANC Youth League (ANCYL) member in Mpumalanga, Sizwe Nyambi, had social media users startled this week following his loaded allegations of the sexual exploitation of comrades.

Nyambi went viral after calling out leaders of the Mpumalanga ANC for allegedly coercing sexual favours from young male members in exchange for job and business opportunities.

Some social media users have backed the allegations.

They say young comrades in Mpumalanga are often pressured into sleeping with leaders for the sake of upward mobility.

They have, however, refused to name and shame the culprits due to fear of legal reprisal.

Nyambi says these acts of sexual misconduct are mostly about high-ranking members exercising their control.

He further condemned the practice as a means for comrades to effectively “sleep their way to the top.”

Nyambi says that competence, and not a willingness to provide sexual favours, should decide the future of ANC leadership.

The young and vocal politician said he felt compelled to speak out about the issue as it is crippling the ANCYL, which is historically known for being robust and revolutionary.


Child Protection Specialist, Luke Lamprecht, has weighed in on the matter.

He cautioned against victim-blaming in instances of workplace sexual exploitation.

He says the shame of sexual misconduct belongs to perpetrators and not victims, who are often left defenseless in the face of complex workplace power dynamics.

Lamprecht says young men have not been equipped with the language to express the sexual violence they face, which so often goes unaddressed due to the stereotype of men being the perpetrators and not victims of rape.  

He’s also highlighted the shame and stigma male rape victims often encounter when trying to open up about their experiences.   

Lamprecht has urged society to empathise with young job seekers whose lack of resources or financial support has left them prey to opportunistic employers.

At the time of publication, YNews made attempts to reach out to representatives from the Mpumalanga ANC, who were not available for comment.

Written by: Naomi Kobbie

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