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Your faves have been busy and YMornings’ Kandis Kardashian has pulled through to Edu-ma-cate us! Sip on this…

Mbau uploaded on your TV screens

The woman who basically invented Kandis Kardashian – Khanyi Mbau – has a brand new reality TV show dropping soon and if the trailer is anything to go by, it’s definitely gonna be a hit! Much like any other reality show, we will follow the life and times of Queen Khanyi. ‘Mbau Reloaded’ premiers this Saturday on BET Africa at 7:30 PM

You should totes tune in!

SZA and Drake… Really?

Uhhhhhm hold up… Did Drake just admit to dating SZA in 2008 on his latest 21 Savage ‘Mr. Right Now’ feature?

Very creepy since SZA was only 17 back in 2008. No need to panic… Award-winning American singer SZA has since come out to clear the air saying they actually dated in 2009 (obvs meaning she was 18 and of age) and he was probably pressed to make it 2008 just so it could rhyme with ‘wait.’ Groundbreaking, right!

There’s clearly still some tension there seeing as she subsequently unfollowed him on Instagram. And we all know nothing quite slaps in the face like a social unfollow!

Meeting your hero

A fan took to the Twitter streets to call out you fighter, Dineo Ranaka, for ignoring him at the mall. The fan tweeted that he was really disappointed in how she shrugged him off and that he’s always been such a huge fan… Kana, what do they say about meeting your hero?

Dineo quickly responded saying that fans tend to forget that their faves are human too. She claims she was on a Teams meeting at the time and simply wasn’t able to give him the chats he wanted. It all ended well after the two exchanged niceties.

If your faves aren’t forcing y’all to greet them, they’re ignoring y’all – all the sad!


Engagement ring for SALE!

Yoh guyzini! Remember Mariah Careys ex fiancé James Packer… this guy?

The Australian mogul whom she sued for $50 million dollars for wasting her time? We stan!

Anyway, Mariah recently revealed in an interview that she was never in a physical relationship with James and he basically never existed, this queen is ICE COLD… Talk about Casper, the friendly ghost.

Remember how she sold her $10 million engagement ring for $2million after the split?

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