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todayJuly 8, 2020 65

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Kandis Kardashian took to the celeb streets to bring you the tea!

In the hot seat today; Lizzo claps back – with her butt, Maps Maponyane was arrested, allegedly and Sammy is being painted with a red brush.

Sammy Sosa is doing big things

The iconic Sammy Sosa just cannot seem to catch a break! Social media influencer, Inno Matijane, claimed that he paid Sammy R20 000 to feature on his song back in 2016. He claims that she did not deliver on her promises and has been on the run ever since. Babalwa Mneno also claimed that Sammy scammed her hair salon but that the powers that be will sort her out.

And as a cherry on top, Sammy posted a picture of herself and Larry announcing that there’s a new tv show coming soon… GASP!


Lizzo kicked out for one of best skills; twerking

Our fighter and Grammy award winning muso, Lizzo and her home girls were kicked out of a holiday home by the owner.

Lizzo had rented out the house for a ‘girls getaway’ and was later kicked out after (as Lizzo claims) the ladies posted videos of themselves twerking. She went further and said,”The owner is WHITE and white people are always big mad.”

Net ver daideng Lizzo posted another twerking video to troll the owner and proceeded to call him out via the socials.


Elon Chappies Fact number 586

Did you know that Elon Musk sold shorts online and they sold out in minutes? This all unfolded following Elon being trolled for calling wall street okes ‘short-sellers.’

Disclaimer: This is why it’s very important to listen to the 1st hour of #YMornings.

‘Short-sellers’ are people who borrow and then sell stock, anticipating a decline in price when they will buy it back for less money – thus making a profit when the stock drops in value. As we know, the Tesla stocks skyrocketed. Either way, he decided to join the short sellers and sold shorts with the word S3XY for $69,42 (approximately R1,100).


Is Maps in trouble with the law?

Apparently Maps Maponyane was brazen out in Laingsburg when he decided to exceed the speed limit. The policeman, who said he’d only chat if we kept him anonymous, claims that Maps was arrested at a roadblock and later released pending a court appearance.

Maps denied all of the above allegations.

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