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todayJune 12, 2020 21

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Cup in hand, Kandis Kardashian spilt some hot AKA, Babes Wodumo and Joe Exotic tea on #YMornings.

She’s still Jenny from the blockĀ 

First in the hot seat… Sexiest in the game, JLo made sure to remind us that she very much still is’ jenny from the block!’ Following her 12 year old son’s encouragement, she took to the streets in solidarity fo the BLM movement. Mommy said she was so inspired, she had to draw up a placard and head to the streets. It’s the least she could do after making millions off of black culture.

But let’s not forget how the girl uuuuused the N-word! *Sips tea

Babes Wodumo has another dad?

Babes Wodumo was within her feels. In a LIVE video with Tha Simelane on Friday, she spoke of building a house for her ‘real’ dad, who isn’t Reverend Wodumo. SHOCK!

Tha further insinuated that Babes was sniffing cocaine during their LIVE, but she was wiping her nose because she was crying… So?

And the rest is ‘weird’ history’

Joe Exotic needs everyone’s help

On to the next one – Joe Exotic is calling on every and anyone to save him! The fighter wrote a letter claiming that he would be dead in the next 3 months if he isn’t helped anytime soon. The letter was addressed to everyone on the face of the earth. He pleaded with Donald Trump to pardon him, and further stated that his soul is dead and compared his miserable prison sentence to death row.

And it doesn’t end there, J took a jab at his hubby Dillon – crying that he is on ’em streets living his best life. To rubber stamp it… He also asked that Kim Kardashian and Cardi B assist him.

Kiernan drags people for questioning the Kairo toy story

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes aka AKA, is committed to trending by any means necessary. Even if it means dragging little Kairo into the ring. It all unfolded innocently on the Twitter streets when Kiernan said that Kairo will have her own toy unboxing show soon. Fans obviously got excited whilst others questioned the ‘Toy Story.’

Papa bear proceeded to drag everyone and said Kairo is richer than all of us and she can’t even read or write yet.

As you know, Twitter could never shut up and some even said it was ‘cute’ to drag 4 year old Kairo, which triggered Zinhle’s Twitter meltdown. Eish, sorry Z.

Not only did she have at all the haters, but took the time to call out Kiernan on his childish ways. She also said, with her chest, that people should stop pitying her for being the chairperson of the clown association. Okay, we take our sorry back?

But Kiernan just wouldn’t stop hey? He continued to rant boldly, declaring, that he invented celebrity apps. Only to late pass out.

And that’s tea time, hunnies!

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